The Expats by Chris Pavone

Kate(Katherine) Moore and Dexter Moore are a happily married couple living near Washington, DC with their two little boys. But Kate has a problem because her background is quite complicated and she really can’t share it with Dexter. She is ex-CIA with an extensive history of ‘dirty ops’. Dexter is a banking security expert , who has just received a job offer in Luxembourg. And so the Moore family moves to Europe.
Getting settled in their new apartment isn’t too difficult. Kate even makes some new friends, Julia and Bill Maclean. But Kate has a problem with Dexter in that he really can’t explain his new job. He is doing some sort of security work for an international bank. Kate has three major difficulties as she tries to settle in to their new home. One is to make some new friends . Secondly, to understand a little better what Dexter does and lastly she worries that her past will catch up with her. Several times while out and about, she gets the feeling that someone may be watching her. And there is something suspicious about Julia and Bill–they just don’t seem to be what they appear to be the average tourist.
Will Kate’s CIA training come into play? Can she really settle down as a happily married woman or are bad things starting to come into focus? Maybe an old enemy from her CIA days is actually on her trail?
Pay attention as Chris Pavone weaves a fascinating tale of modern day espionage. His detail description of Kate’s concern will keep you focused as the story stays in the present while Kate’s mind often returns to her past.

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