Good as Gone by Douglas Corleone

goodasgoneLooking for an edge-of-your-seat thriller that grabs you and doesn’t let go? Read Good as Gone. Simon, a former United States Marshall, is abducted by the French National Police who desperately need his help. They are looking for Lindsay, a 6 year old American girl snatched from her hotel room. Simon normally rescues kidnapped children, but only from non-custodial parents who abduct their kids. This kidnapping is something else entirely and Simon’s not sure it’s his kind of case. Reluctantly, he agrees to investigate, if only to ease the minds of the frantic parents. Simon understands what these parents are going through: his own child was kidnapped by persons unknown, and that single event destroyed his family. Simon’s daughter Haley would be sixteen by now, and he has not lost hope that he might find her, although as a former law enforcement officer, he knows the odds are not in his favor. He tries not to let Haley’s fate color his present-day investigations, but this case in particular stirs up old memories.

In his quest to find Lindsay, Simon journeys through Eastern Europe, including the darkest realms of pornography and prostitution. But Lindsay isn’t where the majority of runaways end up. This is looking to be a different type of kidnapping. Where is she? For what purpose was she kidnapped?

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