Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman

milkThis is Neil Gaiman’s fifth book published this year! The other books include, Chu’s Day: a picture book about a sneezing panda, The Silver Dream: co-written with Michael & Mallory Reaves – the sequel to the teen novel Interworld, Make Good Art: Neil’s commencement speech from the University of the Arts, and The Ocean at the End of the Lane: a magically creepy book that is only for grown ups. Fortunately, the Milk, however, is for kids and for grown ups of all ages. It is the story of an ordinary dad who has a very extraordinary adventure on his way to the corner store and back to get some milk for his kids’ cereal. What makes this fun adventure even better are the illustrations throughout the story by Skottie Young.

You see, when the dad in this story steps out to get some milk for his kids (because who wants to eat dry Toastios?) he is kidnapped by Aliens on his way back home. The dad escapes only to end up on a ship with nasty pirates. He’s made to walk the plank, but at the very last second is saved by a time traveling stegosaurus in a balloon (Professor Steg invented the time traveling device). Soon they are beset by volcano god worshipping islanders who want to sacrifice them, but some finagling with the space-time continuum pops them away. They travel into a dark land inhabited by vampires, who want to have the duo for breakfast. The traveling companions once again manage to escape certain doom only to end up back home and to be captured once again by the same aliens from the beginning. The aliens then also bring the pirates, the islanders, and the vampires on board their space ship to further menace dad and Professor Steg. During each part of this fun and funny adventure dad almost loses the milk, but fortunately, the milk makes it home with dad, so his kids can eat their Toastios, and he can have his tea.

Kids who read this book will grow up to like Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide series; and adults who love Douglas Adams will really enjoy this kids’ book! Fortunately for the kids in the story, their Dad survives his adventures to bring home the milk, and fortunately for all of us, Neil Gaiman continues writing (and at an amazing pace!) and created this wonderful story about time travel and breakfast cereal.

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