Best New Books of 2013: Marci B’s Picks

Hi, I’m Marci Byers.  I read all types of genre fiction, but I am partial to Young Adult books.  I enjoy YA books because I like watching the characters journey into their adult selves.  Here are some of the gems I uncovered this year.

Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson
This book is the conclusion of an outstanding trilogy. See here for my review of The Girl of Fire and Thorns.  Over the course of three books we’ve watch Princess Elisa grow up and mature into a strong leader.  Gone is the shy, sheltered girl, who was afraid of her shadow.  Elisa is trying to find happiness in her current situation; can she succeed without risking her country’s security?

Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson
Madness Underneath continues the story of  Rory Devereux in The Name of the Star. Rory just wants to be a normal teenager.  As an American living in England, she already stands out.  Also there is the pesky matter of her ability to see ghosts.  Her first year at boarding school was marked by a serial killer stalking her.   This year Rory just wants to get her life back to normal.  She wants to go back to boarding school and her friends.  However, her parents are being a bit overprotective of her this year.  Can Rory get her life back on track or will the past continue to haunt her?

Criminal by Terra Elan McVoy
How far would you go for someone you love?  Criminal is just that story.  Nikki, is a street smart young woman, except for her flaw, her boyfriend Dee.  Her friends tell her Dee is trouble and she should dump him.  She cannot because she loves him and sees good in him.   Then Dee asks her to lie to the police and alibi him.  By the time Nikki discovers the reason she lied it’s too late to save herself and she must now face the consequences of that lie, which is prison time.  Can Nikki find redemption for her part in Dee’s crime?

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
Set in a future Earth, but based on the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood, Scarlet is the 2nd book in The Lunar Chronicles (after Cinder). The people who populate Meyer’s books are anything but typical fairytale characters.  When Scarlet Benoit’s grandmother goes missing, she does not hesitate to go where she thinks she might find out information on her missing grandmother.  When she meets a street fighter named Wolf, both of their lives will be changed forever.  Cinder’s story is also continued in this book.

Orleans by Sherri Smith
For the city of New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina was just the beginning.  Subsequent hurricanes and Delta Fever have left the residents quarantined and left  to fend for themselves. The Delta Fever means the population segregates itself by bloodtype in order to survive.  After an ambush by another blood type, Fen is entrusted with the safety of her chieftain’s newborn baby girl.  Her plan is to get the child out to the Outer States before she is infected with Delta Fever.  Will she be successful?


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2 Responses to “Best New Books of 2013: Marci B’s Picks”

  1. Terry Lynn Johnson Says:

    Loved Bitter Kingdom!

  2. marci72 Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it!

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