The Ophelia Cut by John Lescroart

Dirty NYC cop Anthony Xavier Ricci is about to get a second lease on life, after being caught up in a Federal sting. If he cooperates with the Feds, he will not be charged with any crime and will be given a new persona, a new name and he will be placed in the Federal Witness Protection Program. And so Ricci becomes Tony Solaia and is born anew and relocated to San Francisco.

And thus begins John Lescroart‘s latest novel, ” The Ophelia Cut .” Meanwhile our main protagonist, attorney Dismas Hardy is facing a mid-life crisis. The kids are grown, the practice is shrinking and a six-year old secret may yet raise it’s ugly head. His brother-in-law Moses McGuire and his best friend, Detective Abe Glitsky are all nervous about this secret. Only six people know the secret and from time to time it threatens to come to the surface. But everything is soon going to become more complicated. Moses McGuire’s daughter, Brittany is brutally raped by Rick Jessup,a councilman’s chief of staff. McGuire roughs up Jessup and a couple of months later, Jessup ends up dead…..and McGuire is the prime suspect. Hardy will defend McGuire but his friendship with Glitsky will also be called into question and the 6-year old secret involving all of them may yet surface ! John Lescroart’s latest book starring all his leading characters may be his best yet.

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