Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

If you already love fantasy or are thinking about trying something for the first time,  Anna Banks’s Of Poseidon is a must-read.

The book opens with a humorous encounter with a gorgeous guy and a couple of teens on vacation in Florida. When a beach trip goes tragically wrong, Emma’s life suddenly takes a very different turn. She has always been an ordinary, if somewhat klutzy teen. This all changes when the mysterious guy, Galen, she met on the beach that sad day turns out to be a merman prince and claims she has an ability that will save her people. But, Emma is as stubborn as they come. So, she’s had a few strange things happen to her in her life, that does not mean she’s willing to leave it all behind and believe she is the answer to a race of fish-people’s problems. Can Galen convince Emma to help his people and discover who she really is along the way without falling for her in the process?

This book is written with so much humor you’ll be kept laughing the whole way. Of Poseidon is a young adult novel but definitely one adults of all ages will enjoy as we see the role family and responsibility play in our decisions in life. Emma is a strong main female character who knows how to take even a bad situation and find something amusing to take from it. The love that develops between Emma and Galen will have you in love with them as well and wanting to be best friends with their wonderful family. If you’re looking for a light, funny read, set in modern times with a fantasy twist, definitely pick up this amazing book.

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