Runaway Man by David Handler

Ben Golden , or as he is affectionately called, Benji , helps his mother Abby run a small private investigation firm, Golden Legal Services in upper Manhattan. The two of them plus a computer savvy secretary, Rita, make up the entire staff. Enter a high priced attorney, one Peter Seymour, from a high priced law firm seeking their help. He wants the firm to locate, Bruce Weiner. Seymour refuses to name the party that has hired him, but he suggests that a benefactor may have left Weiner a considerable amount of money.

Benji soon discovers that Weiner has disappeared and he may be hard to locate. He is attending a prestigious New York college named Canterbury but no one has seen him for several days….neither his roommate, Chris nor his sister Sara, nor his basketball buddy, Charles Willingham. What Benji soon discovers is that this may be a much more complicated case than at first it appears. Using his smarts and some connections, Benji finds that Bruce is holed up in a cabin in Connecticut. When he gets to the cabin he finds  Weiner shot dead but he also realizes that his car and his office have been ‘bugged’ and that is how someone tracked him to the cabin.

Now the fun begins as Benji finds the case is much more complicated that he thought and more lives may be in danger. It may involve a politically powerful family and some mobsters, plus a family secret buried for years! David Handler keeps the pace moving and mixes in the right amount of humor to make this a fun read. It has that special ‘New York’ spin to it.’

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