Cut, Paste, Kill : a Lomax and Biggs Mystery by Marshall Karp

When a murder mystery has a good story line it is sometimes difficult to mix murder and humor. Marshall Karp does it pretty well though one of his main detectives, Terry Biggs is a little too glib at times. But the pace is fast and the mystery is interesting and I found myself caught up in the solving of a series of ‘avenging’ murders.

The wife of an English diplomat kills a 10 year boy crossing the street after he got off his school bus. Eleanor Bellingham-Crump was rip-roaring drunk and never should have been behind the wheel of her car! Because of diplomatic immunity, she has escaped punishment for her heinous act! But someone has taken matters into their own hands and has murdered Eleanor with a scissors to the chest and has left an interesting ‘scrapbook’ at the murder scene.

As Lomax & Biggs try to solve the crime, they soon discover that there have been two other similar avenging murders….with scrapbooks also left at the scene! The LAPD is asked to work with the FBI on the case because one of the other murders occurred in another state and also involved the wife of a diplomat. Lomax and Biggs are not thrilled to be working with the Feds but they know that they must smile and play nice.

There are only a few clues at the scenes of the murders, no fingerprints just a few cat hairs and the ‘scrapbooks’. The scrapbooks contain the life story of the victims in pictures and artifacts. I found the case interesting and Biggs’ humor actually lightened up some pretty grim killings.  Karp has written a few of his own books and he has also written for television and with James Patterson.

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