The Bake-Off by Beth Kendrick

I love cooking competition shows. It is way more exciting than the Olympics. I love the drama and the cut-throat rivalries. I also love books with sassy women. The Bake-Off by Beth Kendrick combines all those ingredients into a deliciously fun chick-lit novel. Sisters Linnie and Amy do not get along. Linnie’s childhood was pretty much ruined because she was a child prodigy and always competing with her gigantic brain. This affected Amy’s childhood too because she was in the shadow of Linnie’s gigantic brain allowing Amy to have a creative and wild life.

Now all grown up, the sisters are not quite where they thought they would end up. Amy is stuck firmly in suburbia dreaming about the days when expressing herself meant more than choosing Pottery Barn interior paint colors. Linnie is stuck in a dead end job in a casino which is to everyone’s disappointment, a no-brainer. Surprising to no one, these two ladies do not get along and their relationship is bitter.

What these girls need is a little sweetness embodied by their Grandma Syl, who wants nothing more than for her girls to be not just sisters, but friends. Using a bit of old world trickery (and Linnie’s secret desperation to recover a stolen family heirloom) , the girls end up at the final bake off in New York City. They will be preparing an old family recipe, with the key word being sister:  Secret Sisterhood Szarlotka (European apple pie).

The sisters learn a lot from one another once they start speaking. They have adventures with the overly competitive participants and misadventures involving an overnight stay courtesy of the New York City Police Department. Linnie even ends up taking love advice from her sister.

So if you need something sweet and fluffy, check out Bake-Off by Beth Kendrick.

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