Family Pictures by Jane Green

After losing the love of her life and left to raise a young child, Sylvie meets Mark, a handsome business man who sweeps her off her feet. Mark is a wonderful husband and doting stepdad. Their life is perfect in every way. Mark is often away on business, which has never bothered Sylvie in the past but something feels off. Sylvie wonders if she is just stressed and tired from taking care of her mother in a nursing home or if possibly Mark is having an affair. She convinces herself Mark is not that kind of guy.

Meanwhile, Sylvie’s teenage daughter Eve is slowly pulling away and becoming distant. Entering from stage left is Maggie a socialite who came from nothing and now has everything she ever wanted, huge house lots of money, and three children. Her husband is also away on business more than he is home. Ready? Unknown to both women their husband is one in the same Mark Hathaway!

A chance meeting and friendship of their two daughters brings to light the connection when Eve sees her dad in their family photos. Now, Mark Hathaway has disappeared and no one has heard from him. In the meantime Sylvie is confronted with collection notices and eventually puts two and two together. Sylvie also comes to the realization that her daughter is suffering from an eating disorder that nearly takes her life and in the process bonds these two women and their daughters together. Sylvie and Maggie both reinvent themselves and try to hang on to their families.  Another great read by Green.

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