Reservations for Two by Jennifer Lohmann

We all know that a restaurant review can make or break a place, and receiving a bad review from a handsome but decidedly critical local restaurant reviewer would make him seem not so appealing after all.  But matters of the heart can overrule anything – or can they? That’s the tasty premise behind Jennifer Lohmann‘s novel, Reservations for Two.

Tilly Milek’s new Chicago restaurant has been doing pretty steady business, until a terrible review (based on a strange night with cats and dogs fighting!) almost shuts the doors. By coincidence the reviewer, Dan Meier, and Tilly meet and his attraction to her fun blue hair and passion for food sparks a desire in him. But, she can’t get over his nasty review! It’s the meat of this story that is much more exciting than the broiling flames of desire. The story centers around Tilly’s Polish family, Dan’s demanding father and how our family, friends, and dreams influence and shape our lives – for good and for bad. The characters are entirely believable and loveable, warts and all and may remind you of some friends of yours or people you have known.  Jennifer Lohmann’s easy going banter and beautifully painted scenes of Chicago will make you feel like it’s time for a trip to the windy city to meet these interesting people…and maybe have a pirogi with them.

An, interesting note, Lohmann is also a librarian and was awarded the Librarian of the Year Award in 2010 from the Romance Writer’s of America.  This was her first published novel.

Jennifer Lohmann is one of the local Romance authors who will be visiting our regional libraries this month in our series of Meet the Romance Author events.  She will be at the Cameron Village Library on Thursday, March 27, at 7 p.m. and the Southeast Regional Library on Saturday, March 29, at 2:30 p.m. Please see our website for more details.

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