Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans

Beth Cardall has a blissful marriage, a beautiful six-year-old daughter, Charlotte, a promising job, and sisterly friendship with Roxanne at the Cleaner. Her once perfect life suddenly turns upside down when she discovers that her perfect husband is unfaithful to her and later dies of pancreatic cancer leaving Beth in a financial crisis. Her daughter is also suffering from a mysterious illness that doctors cannot diagnose correctly. On Christmas day, a strikingly young handsome man named Matthew walks into her life at a 7- Eleven convenience store when she is not ready for a romance. He tirelessly pursues Beth until she eventually falls for him.

Beth notices that Matthew acts very strange during the course of their relationship because he seems to know everything about her and her daughter. He is also charming. Unfortunately, Beth is very disappointed to find out that Matthew has withdrawn all her money from their joint account to gamble. What a pleasant Christmas surprise of her life when Matthew returns all the money to her, including the winnings. She discovers more unforgettable mysteries about Matthew and Charlotte when he confesses that he is not supposed to fall in love with her because he is married to Charlotte, her daughter, in his future life.

My favorite character in this story is Roxanne, Beth’s supervisor at the Cleaner, for her tireless support of Beth. I picked this book because it’s an easy read. Richard Paul Evans is one of my favorite authors; I will read anything he writes, and I was not disappointed picking this book as my Christmas read.

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    Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans | Wake County Libraries “Book a Day” Staff Pick

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