The Sound of Broken Glass by Deborah Crombie

The Sound of Broken Glass by Deborah CrombieThe past and the present intersect in Deborah Crombie‘s latest thriller, The Sound of Broken Glass. The Crystal Palace, once used as an exhibition hall in London, was tragically destroyed in the middle of the 19th Century and although attempts were made to rebuild it, it was never the same. Yet the area where it stood will always be called the Crystal Palace, and  it plays a role in this exciting story.

Detective Inspector Gemma James and Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid are married to each other. They need to solve their cases and still find time to raise their three children. Gemma is called in to investigate a ‘John Doe’ found in a shabby hotel room in the Crystal Palace area. Registered as Mr. Smith, he turns out to be one Vincent Arnott, a prominent London barrister. Arnott has not just been murdered, but he has been tortured before his death. As Gemma and her team try to put the few clues together, her husband, Duncan discovers that there may be a connection to a musician’s agent Tam Moran – one of the last people to see Arnott alive. The agent’s main client, guitarist Andy Monahan may also have a connection to the murder.

To complicate the case, a second body soon turns up.  It is another barrister with some of the the same telltale signs at his murder scene. It appears that Duncan and Gemma may be dealing with a serial killer.

Deborah Crombie is known for her deliciously involved detective stories and this may be one of her best. When the past and present catch up to each other, be prepared for an explosive ending! Even following the clues you may be surprised at the identity of the killer.

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