Heaven’s Fury by Stephen Frey

bookcover.phpI read a lot of suspense and thriller authors, but for some reason, Stephen Frey was never on my radar other than seeing his books on the library shelf.  A co-worker accidentally put a copy of Heaven’s Fury on my “staff pick” and I thought, Why not read it?”

Bruner, Wisconsin is a small summer resort town that brims with the monies,  Mid-westerners in the temperate months, and slows down to a crawl in the winter ones.  The set Paul Summers is Bruner’s sheriff, after a short-lived career as a police detective in a large city.  He went home to Bruner to lick his professional wounds in a mostly low-key sheriff position. He’s married, and his wife is often irrationally jealous of other women.  She actually has reason to be worried; Paul doesn’t really love his wife much, and he is engaged in a romantic liaison with his summer/high school sweetheart Cindy Prescott Harrison, the daughter of one of the richest landowners in Bruner.  On a brutally cold winter day, Cindy turns up murdered after an afternoon spent with Paul in her parent’s lakeside mansion, and the heat is on to find her killer at the same time the townspeople (and his wife) suspect that he is her killer.  Paul’s investigation takes him into the underbelly of a small town where rumors of a cult run rampant – a cult that kills.

The setting for this novel is a brutally cold winter, with heavy snows and lots of storms.  The setting makes the story work; an isolated wilderness that mirrors Paul’s own isolation from the townspeople and his wife.  Are locals with cabin fever responsible for cult rumors – or does the cult exist?  Read Heaven’s Fury to find out!

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