The Hit by David Baldacci

baldaccibookcover.phpWill Robie, government assassin has just completed an assignment in New York City when he is called back to Washington, DC. One of his superiors has been killed and the bureau has a strong suspicion who is responsible…..another agent, Jessica Reel. Robie knows Reel well because they trained together and topped their classes with either one coming in first or second. But now something is very wrong. Jessica seems to be working for the other side,  especially since the #2 man in Robie’s bureau has just been added to the kill list.

Robie realizes that it will become his assignment to kill Reel and knows that Reel will try to kill him first ! It will become a dangerous game between two very skilled assassins ! And there is one more complicating factor….a fourteen year old name Julie Getty. This young woman is mature way beyond her years and has sort of become Robie’s ward.  Something else just doesn’t feel right to Robie. He can’t put his finger on it because he has also received a couple of texts from Reel, as if she is trying to reach out to him.Even some of his conversations with his superiors have him wondering what is going on between the different government divisions.

Lovers of Baldacci will find him up to his usual fast pace. With a story that you will find hard to put down. It contains all the elements of International intrigue that we have come to love in his books. And there never is a mystery why his books spend a fair amount of time as the #1 book on the Best Seller lists.


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