Operation Paperclip by Annie Jacobsen

paperclipbookcover.phpFor anyone who is a history buff, this is one of the best books telling the story of the closing days of WWII. Annie Jacobsen’s research is phenomenal. Her book tells the story of the end of the war…. Germany knows it is going to lose……she doesn’t even know who the final conqueror will be…Russia or the United States…the US is coming from the West and Russia is barreling towards Germany from the East. To me it is the most detailed story of the war from midway in 1944 to past the their final surrender in April of ’45 and beyond !!

Although I was aware that certain top German scientists were shepherded to the United States to continue their research, I had no idea that the total numbered was in the thousands !! It didn’t seem to matter to certain US authorities that some of these men (plus a few women) were heinous criminals and deserved to be executed. All these ‘patriots’ knew was that they must bring this science to the United States.

Considering that the end of WWII occurred almost 70 years ago, it is truly amazing the story that Anne Jacobsen has put together for all of us. If one has any doubt about the truth that she unveils, a few minutes reading of citations and data from archives and from subsequent generations of these men will remove any doubt from your mind. The special program that let these men continue their research included the promise of future citizenship !! was called ” Operation Paperclip”. And even the name given to the operation has some meaning. The book is long , but once ‘hooked’ you will find it difficult to put down.

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  1. Best New Books of 2014: Stephen B’s Picks | Wake County Libraries "Book a Day" Staff Pick Says:

    […] Operation Paperclip by Annie Jacobsen Near the end of WWII, the Nazis realized they were losing the war and set out to destroy all evidence of their crimes. Meanwhile, both the United States and Russia were attempting to capture as many of the leading German scientists as possible, with the goal of controlling scientific knowledge, and through that, the world. Much of the documentation about this true story has only been released from the archives in the last few years. You won’t believe what the United States was prepared to do to capture scientists and secure the knowledge they carried!  See my full review. […]

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