A Hologram For The King by Dave Eggers

hologrambookcover.phpAlan Clay has reached his mid-life crisis. He has had success in life but his last few ventures have all been failures. His current opportunity for Reliant Corp.,  an IT company, may be his best but last chance to hit it big.  His team is in Saudi Arabia trying to duplicate was has been done to create Dubai. King Abdullah is going to finance the creation of KAEC , which stands for King Abdullah Economic City: One Man’s Vision, One Nation’s Hope !!

Alan is glad to be divorced from his wife, Ruby and values his close relationship with his only child, Kit, who is away at college.   Alan has sold Fuller Brushes and he has helped in the design and sale of Schwinn bicycles…..both ventures eventually collapsing as the world markets continued to change. Now this may really be his last chance.

All is not going well as his team assembles in what will eventually be this magic city.  The King is not there and his main representative Karim al-Ahmad is also not present.  The team can’t even get a good Wi-Fi signal in order to set up their presentation.  Alan at 54 realizes this may be his last chance and he just doesn’t know how to get his presentation before the right people.  Promises are not easily kept in Saudi Arabia , he soon discovers.

Dave Egger’s book may even be better than his story of the survivors of Hurricane Katrina in his non-fiction book, Zeitoun!     The pace of the book keeps your attention on the story and you certainly feel like you are in the Middle East suffering along with Alan.

Find and reserve this book in the library


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