Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt

Tell the Wolves I'm HomeYou know how awkward it is when you’re in love with your uncle? Okay, maybe not personally, but imagine you’re fourteen years old, too tall, nowhere near as talented as your older sister, and into Renaissance Faires and Medieval clothing. You probably don’t have a ton of friends and you might feel a bit misunderstood. So when your handsome, well-traveled, caring uncle/godfather who has the same interests and sense of humor as you wants to spend time some time with you, well then, how can you not be in love with him? This is the life of June Elbus, niece/goddaughter to Finn, sister to Greta, and orphaned every year from January through April (tax season) by her accountant parents.

And then, Finn dies. It’s the 1980s, and he has AIDS, and June knew that this was the only possible thing that could happen, but it’s still horrible, and June is still all alone. Greta, who is older, prettier, and somehow always knows everything before June does, fills her in on some surprising information – Finn wasn’t single and his “special friend,” the one who gave him AIDS, the one who basically killed Finn, is still out there. June sees him herself, camped outside of Finn’s funeral, shunned by the family.

The unlikely (and highly secretive) relationship that develops between “special friend” Toby and young June is sweet, funny, and sometimes bittersweet. As the two struggle with their shared grief they also learn more about the man they both loved and more about the type of friends they can be to each other. Carol Rifka Brunt’s book is the story of love, heartbreak, and sisterhood, and I highly recommend it.

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