Justice for Sara by Erica Spindler

Justice for SaraIt’s been 10 years since Sara McCall was murdered and now her sister, Kathleen (Kat), who was falsely accused of the murder, has returned to Liberty, Louisiana. Although Kat was acquitted of the murder, the town still holds her responsible for her sister’s death. Kat could have stayed in Oregon where she has started several successful bakery operations, but the question that has always plagued her was “who killed Sara?”

And so starts Erica Spindler’s latest thriller. Money may be involved in the murder because the McCall’s were wealthy from their oil business and when the parents were killed in an automobile accident, Sara and Kathleen inherited a lot of money. The police department is now being run by Luke Tanner, the son of Stephen Tanner, who may have been in a rush to justice when he accused Kat of the brutal murder of Sara ten years earlier. Kathleen finds Luke much more open to having a new look at the murder (and he is devilishly attractive to boot).

Spindler has spun a new and marvelous tale of deceit, murder and money in Justice for Sara. Small towns like Liberty are not going to easily forgive the person they feel responsible for a horrific crime. But Kat is determined to find the truth about her sister even if it puts her own life in danger.

Find and reserve this book at the library.


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