Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner

Touch & GoJustin and Libby Denbe appear to be the ideal American family and very rich. They have a bright 15 year old daughter, Ashley, who is giving them the usual teenage problems. Then their world is turned upside down…..with military precision, when the entire family is kidnapped from their Boston home and they disappear. Their home with all their security does not stop this trio of bad guys, but strangely all their personal possessions are left in the house.

Tessa Leoni is assigned to their case. She is a private investigator for a firm responsible for the security of Denbe’s construction firm. Leoni was once a Massachusetts State trooper, but an incident two years prior resulted in the death of her husband, another policeman. Although cleared of all charges, the remnants of the case hung over Leoni and she retired to become a private investigator.

The entire case seems strange because no ransom note or phone call has been received. Leoni, the Boston Police Department and the FBI are totally baffled. With most kidnappings, ransom demands arrive quite soon. Where are they? Will time run out?

Lisa Gardner’s fast paced mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat. The plot takes you back and forth from the victim’s plight and their circumstances to the police hunt and Leoni’s investigation. Gardner introduces us to another main player, Sheriff Wyatt Foster. Foster is a sheriff in New Hampshire where the kidnappers may be headed. Enjoy this story with enough twists and turns to keep your head spinning.

Find and reserve this book in the library.


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