The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly

The Gods of GuiltFans of Michael Connelly will not be disappointed. For me, he usually hits it out of the ballpark. Mickey Haller, lawyer, is passing through one of his down periods. Because of the accidental death of two of his daughter’s friends, he is alienated from his daughter and his business is not exactly booming. Then he gets the text “ASAP-187” – the state code for a murder case. The accused murder client is one Andre La Cosse and he had been recommended to Mickey by someone named Giselle Dallinger. There are two problems with this recommendation: one, Giselle Dallinger is not the name that Mickey knew her by and secondly, Giselle is the murder victim.

When Mickey knew Giselle, her real name was Gloria Dayton, a high priced call girl, who Mickey had tried to save and put on the straight and narrow. Apparently it didn’t work and now she is dead. La Cosse knew the victim and actually worked a website for her services, but he swears he didn’t kill her. Haller decides to take the case and as he starts to dig into the circumstances, he is faced with the fact that the actual murderer could be a major drug dealer, a convict that Giselle (Gloria) had testified against — one dangerous convict Hector Arrande Moya.

The pace, the plot, and the main characters are pure Connelly. He has built his reputation on his two main characters, Harry Bosch, LAPD Homicide detective and his half-brother Mickey Haller, lawyer extraordinaire  and main character in the earlier book, The Lincoln Lawyer (see review). In The Gods of Guilt neither Connelly nor Mickey Haller will disappoint you here. So who are the “The Gods of Guilt?” For that, you have to read the book!

Find and reserve this book in the library.


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  1. Best New Books of 2014: Stephen B’s Picks | Wake County Libraries "Book a Day" Staff Pick Says:

    […] The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly Michael Connelly has created some memorable characters – Homicide Detective Harry Bosch, and his half-brother, attorney Mickey Haller. We first met Mickey in The Lincoln Lawyer, where the reader learned his penchant for operating out of the back of his car…a Lincoln. In Gods of Guilt, Mickey gets a text “Call me ASAP – 187.” 187 is the state code for a murder, and murders are Mickey’s bread and butter. Andre LaCosse is accused of murder and contacts Mickey on Giselle Hallinger’s recommendation. There are two problems with this recommendation: first, Mickey knew Giselle by another name; and second, Giselle is the murder victim. With a pace and a plot that are pure Connelly, this book is ready to be made into a movie. Enjoy!  See my full review. […]

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