Bad Blood by John Sandford

Bad BloodWhen three deaths occur in a sequence… that’s not a coincidence! First Jacob Flood is murdered at a grain elevator by Bob Tripp, and since no one else was around at the time of the death, Tripp seems the likely killer.  When Tripp is taken into custody by Sheriff Lee Coakley,  she has no reason to suspect further foul play. But then Tripp is found hanging in his cell and it is quickly discovered that it was not a suicide.  Coakley becomes suspicious of a deputy, Jim Crocker,  and a trip to Crocker’s residence now finds Crocker dead, and now we do have three deaths, and are they somehow connected? Police do not believe in coincidence.

Coakley realizes that she needs outside help since one murder in ten years is more the usual for a small town like Homestead.  She asks the State for assistance and our hero, Virgil Flowers, is assigned to the case.  And to add one final twist, there was a murder a year ago just over the border from Minnesota in Iowa.  A teenage girl was brutally murdered and there may be a tie-in to the three deaths here in Homestead.

John Sandford is pretty good at putting a lot on one’s plate pretty fast, so you better pay attention.  Paying attention pays off quickly as Flowers and Coakley start to connect the dots.  But this is a fair warning–this book is not for the faint of heart! The first in the Virgil Flowers series is Dark of the Moon.

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