Suspicion by Joseph Finder

SuspicionDanny Goodman is a single dad raising a teenage daughter, Abby. He is a writer, just about eking out a living. His daughter, Abby, who had been living with his ex-wife, Sarah, comes to live with him when Sarah dies from breast cancer. Danny’s latest book deal is about to collapse and he has no idea where he will find the money to keep Abby in her exclusive private school or where he even might find money for Abby’s future college expenses. Then an interesting thing happens.

Abby has befriended a newcomer to her school named Jenna Galvin. Jenna’s Dad Thomas is thrilled that his daughter has found a friend and is acclimating to her new school. He is so thrilled that he is willing to give an unsolicited $50,000 loan to Danny to get him through this rough spot. What Danny doesn’t know yet is that there will be strings attached — dangerous strings.

Apparently Galvin is connected to the Sinaloa drug cartel , one of Mexico’s deadliest cartels, and now the DEA has found out about the $50,000 gift and threatens Danny with arrest for taking drug money. How true this is, we don’t know, but the DEA leans on Danny to spy on Galvin or else!! Danny agrees to try, although he realizes that he is putting himself, Abby, and his girlfriend, Lucy, in mortal danger.

As usual with a Finder story, the pace is hectic. You will have a problem putting this book down until you find out if Danny can extract himself from the DEA’s clutches and keep his family safe. This is one of Finder’s best books.

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  1. Best New Books of 2014: Stephen B’s Picks | Wake County Libraries "Book a Day" Staff Pick Says:

    […] Suspicion by Joseph Finder Danny Goodman becomes a single father when his ex-wife dies and daughter Abby comes to live with him. He’s please when she soon makes a new friend, Jenna Galvin, but surprised when Jenna’s father, Danny, offers him money, supposedly with no strings attached. Danny is financially strapped because his latest book deal is on the verge of collapse. He accepts the money, but eventually learns he was right to be suspicious – the “strings” attached to the money lead right to a Mexican drug cartel! Now Danny finds himself pressure by the DEA to bring down some big time, dangerous operators. Finder doesn’t disappoint with this fast-paced read!  See my full review. […]

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