Little Face by Sophie Hannah

Little FaceAlice was clinically depressed and alone in the world when she met David Fancourt. David was wealthy, attractive, and gentlemanly. So what if his mother was a little controlling or his relationship with his ex-wife was especially acrimonious. So what if he preferred living in his mother’s mansion to finding a flat of their own. It was, after all, a large and meticulously maintained home. It was a terrible shock when David’s ex-wife was murdered, but David and Alice were still content together. Soon Alice was pregnant, and now they have a beautiful baby girl, Florence. Or do they? Alice walks into the nursery one morning, looks at the baby there, and is positive that it is not her Florence. How and why would someone switch babies? Is Alice playing a cruel trick on her husband, losing her mind, or just becoming aware of suspicious circumstances that have always been there, threatening to engulf her?

Detective Constable Simon Waterhouse and his Sergeant Charlotte “Charlie” Zailer of the Spilling Criminal Investigation Department (CID) are called in to find some answers. The story is told in chapters alternating between Alice’s viewpoint and Simon’s and Charlie’s viewpoint, so you see things through both the victim’s eyes and detectives’ eyes as the story progresses, in a uniquely suspenseful writing style.

This is the first in Sophie Hannah’s Spilling CID series of psychological mystery thrillers, set in the fictional British town of Spilling. Hannah is also the author of the upcoming book The Monogram Murders, featuring Agatha Christie’s iconic character Hercule Poirot in a new mystery authorized by the family of Agatha Christie.

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