Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen

Skinny DipEmbarking on a cruise with her husband Chaz, Joey Perrone has high hopes it will rekindle their faltering relationship – until he tries to murder her. Finding herself abruptly thrown overboard, Joey’s pretty grateful she’s an expert swimmer. (Chaz is an idiot, so it’s no big surprise he overlooked this one giant flaw in his plan.) Floating on a wayward bale of Jamaican pot, she finds her way to a very small island inhabited by ex-cop Mick Stranahan, who is just the person to help her plan her revenge. Wanting to find out why Chaz tried to kill her, Joey decides to play dead and “haunt” Chaz as her own ghost. In the meantime, she and Mick poke around, trying to find out why Chaz would opt for murder over divorce.

Chaz, it turns out, is a marine biologist in name only, and has been doing some pretty terrible things in the Everglades and making a tidy profit. Certain that Joey had found him out, he decided that dispatching his wife was the most expedient way to ensure his shady revenue stream would continue uninterrupted. Boy, is he going to wish he’d just left well enough alone!

I love it when the bad guys get what’s due them, and Carl Hiaasen never fails to come up with creepy, satisfying ways to stick it to his bad guys. He’s not for everyone – he has a sick, sardonic sense of humor and is far from G-rated, but if you like his kind of humor, he’s hilarious. If you enjoy the quirky, the bizarre and the ridiculous, Hiaasen provides it on every page, and with every character, no matter how minor.

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