The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story by Lily Koppel

Astronaut Wives ClubThe Astronaut Wives Club provides readers with first-hand accounts of what it was like to be a wife to some of America’s first men in space. The wives went from ordinary housewives of pilots to Astronaut Wives overnight. The wives describe what it felt like to experience the glitz and glam of appearing on the cover of Life Magazine. Women around the country admired them and followed what they wore and what they cooked for their astronaut families. This fame had its downsides too. The wives had to deal with absent and or cheating husbands, “cookies” (astronaut groupies), cameras tuned on them constantly during the dangerous space missions, and their husbands’ moods when they came down to Earth.

The Astronaut Wives Club was formed by the wives as a way to provide support and friendship to each other during times of intense excitement and stress. Through this club they formed life-long friendships and a kind of sisterhood. The wives would go to each other’s houses to keep them company during the space missions to offer comfort, food, and empathy as only they knew what it felt like to have a husband in this rare occupation. Lily Koppel provides a unique perspective of some of America’s thrilling historical events. Astronaut Wives Club is a fascinating and fun read and would be a great non-fiction book club selection. This is one of the new book club kit titles available through Wake County Public Libraries.

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