Orleans by Sherri L. Smith

OrleansIn 2005 Hurricane Katrina ripped thru New Orleans and the surrounding areas with devastating results.  In her new novel, Sherri L. Smith has imagined a different world in which Hurricane Katrina was only a mild storm and subsequent other hurricanes were far more destructive with a greater loss of life.  After the destruction from these subsequent hurricanes, came Delta Fever.  Delta Fever sounds like something easily cured with antibiotics, but for those suffering from it there was no cure.  The United States is not quite sure what to do,  so it quickly quarantines the entire city of New Orleans, and then completely abandons it. The United States has more pressing internal problems.

While there is no cure for Delta Fever, those afflicted quickly learn that segregation among blood types prevents the symptoms of the fever.  Now fast forward to the year 2056 where lawlessness and an uneasy truce between the blood types make life difficult for the residents of Orleans.  Most people in the Outer States think that there are no more people living in New Orleans.  When Daniel, a scientist from the Outer States, sneaks thru the quarantine zone, he is surprised to find a tribal society.

Daniel meets up with Fen, who up until a recent ambush had been living with her O-positive tribe.  The ambush left her tribe in splinters, with the most vulnerable member of her tribe in her care– her chieftain’s newborn child.  Fen’s goal is to keep Baby Girl uninfected so she can smuggle her out of the city into the Outer States.  Can Daniel and Fen make it or will their luck run out?

This book is one of my favorite recent post-apocalyptic books.  It is very fast paced and has an interesting premise.  Recommended for most sci-fi fans.

Find and reserve this book at the library.

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