Money Can’t Buy Love by Connie Briscoe

Money Can't Buy Love by Connie BriscoeLife is not so grand for thirty-something Lenora Stone, she’s struggling to pay her bills, despises her boss and her long time beau just won’t pop the question. Lenora is a photographer for the Baltimore Scene, a magazine that features Baltimore’s elite. Lenora could only wish for the life that her clients live. Lenora faithfully plays the lottery and one day she actually hits the jackpot, her life is definitely about to change.

Lenora is in a state of shock that she is millionaire. She holes up in her home and refuses to go to work until she can come to terms with her new found wealth. Lenora’s adjustment period is short lived; she quits her job and purchases a luxury vehicle, and a mini mansion in an exclusive neighborhood and Gerald is finally ready to propose. Everything seems to be going well for her.

After quitting her job, Lenora decides to go into business for herself and purchases a space for a studio. Ray Shearer, a handsome landscaper, is Lenora’s first client. She met Ray on a previous assignment and sparks fly immediately. This is obviously a problem since she is engaged. Lenora’s romantic relationships may be heating up but her friendship with longtime friends, Monica and Alise are on shaky ground. Lenora claims they are treating her differently because she won the lottery and thinks she has changed for the worse. Lenora has a lot going on in her life and is not quite sure how to handle it. Will Lenora make the right decisions, or will everything fall apart?

This is a great read for the beach or a lazy afternoon. Connie Briscoe does a great job of reminding us that money does not ensure happiness. You will enjoy following Lenora through her journey of ups and downs.

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