The Informationist by Taylor Stevens

Vanessa Michael Munroe is the kind of character I love – a strong, powerful female who makes her own way and fears nothing. She’s built a business gathering information for powerful people, using whatever means necessary to get it. She’s a master of disguise, blending into the background, playing the role a situation dictates, and using force only when necessary. As an Informationist, she prefers the solitude and neatness of acquiring information, so she’s reluctant when she is asked to retrieve a person. Another reason for concern is the location – she will have to go back to Africa, a place that holds the nightmares of her childhood.

Emily Burbank, daughter of millionaire Richard Burbank, disappeared while traveling in Africa four years ago. Her father has hired numerous PIs to find her with no results, but he’s sure she is still alive. He needs someone with Munroe’s particular knowledge and strengths, and he’s willing to pay big bucks for it. Munroe’s own experience in Africa makes her sympathetic to Emily’s plight, and the money is hard to resist. Reluctantly, she agrees to take on the job, hoping she won’t regret it. She will.

If you enjoyed Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, you’ll like Vanessa Michael Munroe. Like Salander, she’s a complex, intriguing character who faces great evil with strength and integrity.

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