Tatiana by Martin Cruz Smith

TatianaArkady Renko, Martin Cruz Smith‘s intrepid detective is caught up in a case that he knows he won’t be assigned to investigate. A daring Russian reporter, Tatiana Petrovna, has apparently committed suicide. But things are not always as simple as they appear. Arkady is drawn into the case by his sometimes girlfriend, Anya Rudenko , a photographer for the same newspaper that Tatiana worked for.

When Renko starts to investigate on his own, he discovers that Tatiana’s body is missing and her apartment has been “tossed,” as if someone was looking for something–a reporter’s notes perhaps? There seems to be a mysterious missing notebook. Plus the recent murder of a Russian Mafia boss has left the Moscow crime scene clamoring for a new leader.

When Arkady finally secures the notebook , no one can interpret it because it is pages of symbols. Then, on top of the notebook mystery, Zhenya, Renko’s young ward steals the notebook and attempts to hold it for ransom so that Arkady will give written permission for Zhenya to join the military. There is no one as stubborn as Renko and one knows that he will pursue the bad guys and somehow get the notebook deciphered.

Arkady Renko , one of literature’s favorite detectives, is on the case and Martin Cruz Smith has another winner. One can be assured that there will be many surprises awaiting the reader.

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