Dog on It by Spencer Quinn

Dog On ItIf there is anything better than finding out one of your favorite authors has just written a new book, it must be finding out that one of your favorite authors has actually already published a whole series of books under another name. I enjoyed Peter Abrahams Echo Falls mystery series for teens, and his stand-alone thriller Oblivion is one of my favorites, so I felt really lucky when I recently learned that he has also published the Chet and Bernie mystery series under the pen name Spencer Quinn.

Bernie is an ex-military, ex-police, private investigator. He drives a “classic” (i.e. old and beat up) Porsche and is usually the smartest person in the room, according to his partner Chet. Chet is always ready to jump into the shotgun seat of the Porsche or sniff out a clue. Did I mention that Chet is a dog? He is highly trained – would have graduated from the police K-9 dog training school if it wasn’t for a minor incident involving a cat that occurred on his last day.

The series begins with Dog on It, where a distraught mother hires Chet and Bernie to find her missing teenage daughter. Madison Chambliss is a normal high school student, with no apparent reason to run away and there are no signs of foul play. Within a day she returns home on her own and Chet and Bernie are off the case. But when Madison soon disappears a second time and no one thinks it is a problem because she has done this before, Chet and Bernie feel obligated to find the truth about what happened to her.

I like the Chet and Bernie series because it is well plotted, with smart characters and dialog, and a healthy dose of humor. I especially like the fact that Chet narrates! He notices smells and sees really well in the dark, never passes up a bit of food, and falls asleep if the conversation gets too intellectual, just like a dog actually would. His observations are at once innocently simple-minded and astute.

The Chet and Bernie books are also especially good on audio.

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