Big Fish by Daniel Wallace

Edward Bloom was larger than life, but now he has grown old and is sick and dying. His son, William, has come home to be with his father. William struggles to get to know his father on his death bed, as they really didn’t have much of a relationship since Edward spent most of his time traveling for work during William’s childhood. Edward was always quick with a joke, snappy one liner or often to William’s frustration, an extraordinary tale of his own greatness.

To come to terms with his father’s imminent passing, William looks back on his father’s life and retells the story as a series of myths and legends, detailing his father’s supposed epic feats. The tales are interesting and original, with quite the cast of characters. Edward was handsome, clever, and well liked. Among his many adventures Edward tames a giant, encounters a beautiful water nymph and returns a magic eye to its rightful owner.  Big Fish is a little gem of a book. It is a unique and touching story about a complicated father and son relationship.

Big Fish is written by talented North Carolina author, Daniel Wallace. It was his debut novel and he has gone on to write several other books as well. Big Fish was made into a movie directed by Tim Burton in 2003. I remember seeing the movie in the theater and really enjoying it. Even if you have already seen the movie, I recommend reading the book too. The short imaginative chapters, filled with a mix of humor and relatable poignanc combine to make this book a must read.

We are very excited to have Daniel for our “Meet the Author: Daniel Wallace” visit at the West Regional Library on Thursday, November 13 at 7 p.m. He will discuss his novels, characters, writing style and have Q & A following the discussion. Advance registration is requested. Call 919-463- 8500 to register.

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