Paper To Petal by Rebecca Thuss

This book is one of those truly gorgeous craft books that are fun to browse through. Best of all, these realistic-looking flowers are easy to make—all you need is crepe paper, scissors, florist’s tape, and floral wire. I used yellow crepe paper streamers from the drugstore, but you can go to a craft store and get a rainbow of colors and different thicknesses of paper. The nice thing about crepe paper is that it stretches, so you can use this propensity to your advantage in shaping the petals—for example, forming the cup-shaped bottom of a tulip petal.  Thuss then adds whimsical centers, like pom-poms or buttons, or just twist bits of crepe paper to form realistic-looking stamens.

The book is organized into five chapters: Flowers, Materials, Skills, How-Tos, and Templates. The first chapter is filled with lush photographs of 75 different projects that make you eager to get started. The instructional pages are also illustrated with photographs and easy-to-follow text. For example, there is a page called “Anatomy of a Paper Flower” which helps you understand the terminology, and another very helpful page called “Building a Basic Flower in Layers—An Overview.”

Because of these easy-to-use features, I could jump around and attempt the projects that interested me. They are coded by difficulty level, so I went for the easiest and was very pleased by the results. I stuck a couple of them in a display at the library where I work, and several people asked me how I made them. I was delighted to tell them it only took about ten minutes, and to recommend this book!

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