The Keeper by John Lescroart

Dismas Hardy has acquired a new client, Hal Chase. Hal is a prison guard in the Sheriff’s department in  San Francisco county. Hal’s wife Katie has disappeared , leaving their two small children alone in their house. A couple of spots of blood have been found and foul play is suspected. Since the first person people think of as the murderer is the husband, Hal decides to be pro-active and get himself a lawyer. And so starts John Lescroart’s latest book, The Keeper.

In order to find out as much as possible, Dis decides to hire his old pal retired homicide detective, Abe Glitsky to find out what he can about the lives of the Chase family. At the same time a scandal may be ready to arise out of some  mysterious prisoner deaths at the county jail where Hal Chase works. Wes Ferrell , the county DA and another friend of Hardy is about to open another ‘can of worms.’

The two stories may  intervene as Chase is one of the guards at the county jail.  Lescroart will keep you guessing with his latest page turner. I confess to being a big fan of Lescroart and this is one of his best.

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