Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews

Bloom owner, Cara Kryzik is a talented florist slowly making a name for herself with Savannah’s elite. Bloom is doing steady business and she has a great reputation in Savannah for being creative and cutting edge.

Cara and her assistant, Bert are making great progress on the arrangements and other decor for the Fanning wedding, the most high profile wedding she has secured and everything must go accordingly. In spite of a major obstacle, Cara’s ability to pull off The Fanning wedding opened many doors for her, and lands her the biggest wedding of her career. Brooke Trappnell has requested that Cara not only do the floral arrangements for her wedding, but also serve as the wedding planner. Obtaining the contract for the Trappnell-Strayhorn wedding will put her in a position to take care of some urgent financial obligations. Cara is busy at work trying to get everything in place for the wedding but she still finds time to pursue a courtship with Jack Finnerty, a handsome contractor that she keeps bumping into at weddings.

As Cara starts working out the details for the Trappnell-Strayhorn wedding, life starts to spiral out of control. Her assistant starts pulling no shows, a new florist in town is trying to sabotage her reputation, her romance with Jack fizzles, and her bride may be coming down with a case of cold feet.

Save the Date has just the right dose of suspense, wit, romance and southern charm. In her usual fashion, Mary Kay Andrews paints a colorful story and introduces you to a great cast of characters.

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