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A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy

November 25, 2013

winterWith the coming of winter, I needed a cozy, warm read and my author of choice for those types of novels is Maeve Binchy. I was selfishly saddened when she died after a short illness in July 2012, and I thought the stories were over. I was happily wrong: her last book, A Week in Winter was published posthumously and is as delightful as her fifteen previous novels.

Maeve Binchy was known for being able to create entire towns of fully fleshed out and delightful characters in each of her novels. I always feel as though I am watching the characters on a TV screen, and that at any time I could step through the screen and into their lives. Characters from previous books also make appearances from time to time, but it is not necessary to read her earlier work to enjoy A Week in Winter.

In A Week in Winter, the reader is welcomed to Stoneybridge, a tiny town on the western coast of Ireland where the cliffs are tall and the ocean is crashing. Meet Chicky Starr who buys an old stone mansion and turns it into an inn, renovating it with the help of bad boy Rigger and her business-savvy niece Orla. The first group of guests that stay at the inn – and their unique personalities and foibles – make up the plot of this novel. You’ll meet Freda the librarian who is a seer; Ms. Howe, a curmudgeon of a retired school teacher; John, the movie star; and various other personalities. Characters were Ms. Binchy’s domain, and these characters are richly drawn. The story line is not as strong as that in some of the author’s earlier works, but honestly it doesn’t matter – the characters make up for it.

Ms. Binchy will be missed…Winter is coming.

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